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How can remodeling my home affect my real estate taxes?

Under Florida’s Save Our Homes, an existing home with a Homesteaded exemption falls under the (current) 3% cap increase per year of taxable value. Purchasing a home removes the 3% cap and the tax base would be from the market value. As an example, for the same home in the same community:

 Existing  New
 Market Value  $434,000  $434,000
 RE Taxes  $4,930  $8,555

Rates are subject to millage and other components of different Municipalities.

Renovations that do not add square footage do not affect current tax base and remain protected under the 3% cap. Renovations that do add square footage will have only the value of the new space added to the taxable value, which would still remain less than a new purchase.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Fully. We are licensed General Contractors; this is a far greater credential than simply an occupational license or a specific trade license. We are fully insured for Liability, Builder’s Risk, and Workman’s Compensation with excellent experience ratings by all our carriers.

Why is the cost to remodel per square foot more than new construction?

  1. New construction spreads the entire cost over the entire square footage of the building.
  2. Remodeling normally involves kitchens and bathrooms which represent the highest per square foot cost of construction.
  3. Remodeling involves integrating new with old; isolating areas to prevent dust and noise intrusion. Often times, restricted work hours and accessibility so as to not inconvenience or intrude upon family privacy.
  4. Overall “preparation” time and “clean up time” is more demanding when working in an existing, occupied home than in building new.

How do we know where to go to make our color and finish selections?

We have our own private Design Studio that is available by appointment only, so your time is not interrupted. You will meet with our representative who will carefully guide you through all your choices. Our Studio displays kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, tile flooring, marble, granite, and stone choices, wood flooring, carpeting, moldings, decorative and accent tiles and trim, bathroom tiles, door hardware, plumbing hardware, paints; just about anything you will need, except appliances. And, our Studio is updated regularly to display current availability and the most sought after products.

How do we know what we are getting?

Our proposal will include a detailed schedule of all items that are included in your pricing, and all items that may not be included, so you won’t be surprised. Sadly, many “contractors” are not specific in this area, and you find out when it is too late. The schedule is updated when the contract is signed to reflect any items you may have added or deleted. After the Contract is signed, we make no changes unless you are consulted and in full agreement. All changes are done in writing, signed by you and our representative. There are two types of changes: 1.) those you initiate either by adding, removing, or altering a selection; 2.) those required due to conditions that could not be determined prior to actual work commencing. You are still kept informed of these changes, made aware of any conditions that exist, and if there are alternative solutions, those will be presented to you. We will always offer our advice and recommendation for the best solution.

How quickly can we start and how long will it take?

Once our Proposal is accepted, sketches are agreed upon, and the Contract signed, we begin the Planning process. Architectural drawings must be prepared, reviewed with you, then submitted for any POA or HOA approvals, then for building permit. During this time, you will be meeting with our representative at the Design Studio to make all your finish selections, and preparing and organizing those areas of your home that will be affected by the construction.

As for completion, we cannot guarantee a completion date because of the uncertainty of weather, material availability, and any unforeseen situation. We do assure you of continual communication so you are constantly informed. Our Contract will provide an estimated date for completion, and barring any extraneous circumstances, we are very close with our timing.

Why are there so many horror stories about remodeling?

Unfortunately, because there are so many unpleasant experiences. It is hard to understand why a homeowner would not exercise the same caution and reasoning for their single largest investment, as they would with other decisions in life. To allow someone with no business structure, limited experience, without verifiable credentials, insurance or proper licensing, is inviting another chapter in the “Book of Remodeling Horrors.”

Red flags are: quick low price; hurry up start; pay big deposit up front; pressure tactics; not able to verify credentials.

How does the payment process work?

The contract we execute together will outline the payment process and timing. Typically, a deposit of 20-25% is made when the contract is executed, with the balance of the monies being paid in draw payments, after the work is performed. The draw schedule we follow is the same as most lending institutions follow. In each phase, a list of the major performance thresholds is outlined in the draw schedule. Change Orders are work authorizations that you request adding or deleting specifically prescribed work, or additional work that becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Payment in full for any Change Order is due when the agreed upon additional work is authorized and the document approved. Change Order credits are applied to the Final Payment. With all payments, personal checks are accepted.

Will we have strangers throughout our home?

We make every attempt to protect your family privacy and respect your home. If the work Scope permits, we will construct containment that is designed to isolate the work area(s) from your day-to-day living areas. Hopefully, workman access to the work site can be through a “construction” entry. The containment is purposely created to eliminate or greatly reduce the dust and noise infiltration into your living space. Workmen will never be in other areas than the designated construction site unless you are advised in advance and consent to this. Our staff and sub-contractors have years of service experience with our company and exemplify our standards and levels of customer satisfaction.

Do we get to meet the Job Foreman?

As soon as we have made the job assignment for our staff and job status has progressed to that point when they will need to be on your site, you will be introduced to our Supervisor(s) and Key Men who will be assigned to your home. We encourage communication between you and the Supervisor for any questions or concerns you may have. Paul Sabatello or his assistant is also available to you.

Do you anticipate unforeseen surprises?

During our initial inspection, analysis, and proposal, we strive to give consideration to any situation we are able to observe. We will never withhold an observation to surprise you with later. Unfortunately, there could be circumstances that are discovered once we begin work that were not able to have been observed or anticipated earlier.

How do we know if all the work has been performed?

We invite you at any time to discuss the job completion status and review the work being performed with the Supervisor. We ask that you schedule an appointment time with him/her, and this time to be at the close of the work day so as to not interrupt the work schedule. When all work has been completed, we will advise you that the Final Payment is due and we will schedule with you a Final Walk-thru Inspection. During this inspection, which is conducted with our staff member (normally the job Supervisor), you will be shown operation of any mechanicals or equipment, and inspect all finishes. Written notations of any work not accepted by you or work still incomplete are made on the Walk-thru form, which will be signed by you and our representative. Any corrective actions agreed on will also be noted. For your peace of mind, we strive for 100% perfect on the Walk-thru.

Why should we select Sabatello?

  • 30 years in this community
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction and service
  • Proven track record
  • On schedule; within budget
  • Family owned, hands on management
  • Our Construction Managers have over 75 combined years of experience with our company
  • Licensed General Contractors
  • Licensed and certified in over 15 construction disciplines
  • Fully insured
  • Top quality construction knowledge, design, workmanship
  • Full Service company
  • Detail oriented. Customer Attentive. Highly organized.
  • Continual awareness of constantly changing building codes

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A. Foster

Our success and reputation depends on your complete satisfaction.

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