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Sabatello Construction of FL, Inc.

When farmer Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) hears a voice say, “If you build it, he will come,” in the Academy Award-nominated motion picture Field of Dreams, it inspires him to build a baseball diamond in his Iowa cornfield.

What is ‘it’?
In the business world, “it” is your reputation. Trust, integrity, confidence, credibility, honor and professionalism are components of a long list of “its” that comprise your reputation. “It” is an attitude and commitment that every staff member, including owners and management, must embrace, enforce, practice, exemplify and fulfill.

Strong relationships are built on trust
Customers put their trust in those they do business with. They trust they will receive what was agreed upon. If, however, a problem does arise, they expect to receive a quick resolution. Customers have a right to expect this and demand this, and businesses have the obligation, responsibility and duty to deliver this.

There will, at times, be the unfortunate situation where an item is broken, damaged, incorrect or not to a customer’s liking. This is where the written and spoken words end, and a voice from inside says, “Do the right thing.”

We have ‘it’
One of our newer customers relayed a recent conversation he recently had with another resident in his community, in which the resident stated, “Sabatello never sacrifices on quality.” When consumers recognize and appreciate the highest level of professional commitment – and tell others – that’s the “it” we all should strive for. That is your reputation speaking.

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