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Welcome. Our Blog is intended to be educational for home and building owners to know and understand problems they are, or might one day, be experiencing with their property. Due to the technical and specific nature of the proper remedies and identification of these problems, we do not suggest DIYS applications, but recommend you contact an experienced, licensed, certified, and insured professional to work with you.

Our Blog may be a Case Study of a specific incident, a seasonal reminder of preparation and preventive maintenance, or a BOLO (be on the lookout) for warning signs. Unfortunately, our Florida climate is not kind to construction materials and methods, and the progress made in the industry in recent years to understand how and why certain protocols are to be satisfied outdates a lot of the construction technique thought to be correct in earlier years. Our intention is not to point fingers but to allow you, the home or building owner, to be made aware that a problem may be present, and to allow you time to react sooner (while it will be more cost effective to correct) than later when substantial damage, catastrophe, and cost could be required. We welcome your comments and questions.

June 2017 Trends in Home Design and Real Estate

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