Water Damage Restoration

Sabatello Environmental specializes in the restoration of water, mold, storm and fire damaged homes and buildings.

Water damage: Water damage can come from any number of sources, including a leaking plumbing pipe, roof leak, exterior wall permeations, window or door leak, overflowing toilet, dishwasher or washing machine, bursting water heater, wind destruction, or even water used to fight a fire. An immediate response by one of our trained, certified, licensed and experienced professionals can stabilize, manage and, eventually, restore your home, while minimizing damage and reducing the recovery time.

Mold: A most important step in a successful mold remediation project is to discover, identify and repair the source of the moisture intrusion causing the mold growth. Discovery is the most difficult step in the process. If the source is not correctly detected, repair is impossible and the source will continue, making any remediation useless. Microbial contamination of building materials and building contents can have serious effects on the structure of a building, as well as the health of its occupants. Florida State Law requires any contractor who performs any mold remediation to be state licensed.

Storm or wind related damage or HurricaneThe high winds that affect South Florida during hurricane season can have a massively destructive impact on the integrity of a building structure. We can stabilize the structure and indoor environment to minimize any further effects that the wind-created defect might pose.

Fire damage: This can be devastating, both on physical and emotional levels. But, the fire isn’t the only thing that causes the destruction. The smoke, as well as the powerful water hoses that firefighters use, can leave lasting damage. No matter the source of your damage, Sabatello will work closely with your insurance claims adjuster to expedite the estimate, and initiate the restoration process. We are knowledgeable and experienced in insurance industry protocols for claims submittals and approvals.